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Wakey Wakey, We have Paul Sign!!!

Been a while, hasn't it? But I come bearing news, and lots of it:


Go, download, make a certain Banik's Christmas merry! You will not be disappointed as this is some of the finest mellow acid Jazz I've heard in my life. You can doubleclick on each of the tracks to get a small sample if, like me, you're perpetually broke.

Coming on the heels of this announcement is another one, perpetrated by Paul himself dropping in at Terra Firma again: apparently, he's got himself a MySpace! Bop over there and you definitely won't be disappointed - it's just the quirky, adorkable style we've come to love from "our" boy - plus glimpses of the new Album art! Very retro James Bond Geek chic - I like it.

For those who may have missed it, the latest dirt on the Album is as follows: the Album title is 2AM flight, and it is under the name Paul Goddard, "Coleman Smith" having fallen by the wayside. Such is the music biz. Paul's very interesting thoughts on the whole Coleman Smith thing can be found here

I also, because I couldn't resist, stole the dancing Paul gif, and present it here as my offering to the "rule" that no post here be without Paul piccie (though really, pop over to myspace and see the real deal it its native environment, it loses something here...)

That's it for me for now, folks.... remember to feel free to post your own Paul-related stuff here anytime!
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