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Happy Paul`s Birthday! Part theFirst

Good day ladies (and gentlemen?), today is October the 19th and you know what that means - time again for Pon Farr the (mostly) Annual Paul's Birthday Picspam!

The following post is composed primarily of stuff I could find that I havn't already posted - that's getting harder and harder to find, you know! XD

From Babe:
Yes, it's linked to on our userinfo page - so what? I love this grin.
Babe - SGP network
And a completely random YAY! shot. *g*

From the "Save Farscape" Tour
Save Farscape party at The Chamber, 2002 - Caitlin Kiernan
Does paul and a bunch of Nebari give anyone else dirty thoughts? This is from the Con Report section of PGDU.

PK Pete & Paul - 5th of Farscape 03
I normally don't snurch and repost people's personal posed pics with Paul - but this is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen, and it was posted on a public forum.

Random PK Wars stills from Crash Debris:
>Crash Debris

Crash Debris

Secret Aagent Banik! - Crash Debris

Holy Smoke spam courtisy PGDU:


Sex is spelled T-I-M

Save a Gay Horse...

Save a gay horse, ride a gay cowboy
Can`t beleive I`ve never done Holy Smoke picspam... damn. I love that outfit! XD

Long Overdue Agent Brown PicSpam, courtisy PGDU:
Poetry in Trinity Killing Motion

Agent Crouch!


I'll be in my bunk....

...and that concludes the "crap Liza had uploaded but never got around to posting here for one reason or another" portion of our program. There will be a short (?) intermission, and then Liza will be back with the "results of the latest Google image search" portion, which she needs to upload to Photobucket first, not being a nasty little bandwith stealer. Until then, PARTY HARD!
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