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Happy Paul's Birthday! Part the Second

Two posts in one day! Try not to faint.

As promised, here's the Google Image search part of the program, and I've found something very interesting this time round - more on that later, first here`s the pics!

AB - SGP Network
From Hack the Matrix
Couple of Agent Brown close-ups from here and there...

From Italy Scapers
And from the Italy Scapers site, a shot of Stark and his - oh, what`s that lovely phrase Astro uses - "I've just been vomited on by a muppet" face. The composition and colours are beautiful, though, and there's not an expression in the universe grotesque enough to stop Paul being adorable.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, on to the most interesting find of today...

Remember Paul's turn on Australia's Top Model as an acting coach? I don't know about you, but I remember thinking "How did they get Paul?"

Well, apparently Paul is listed as an acredited Trainer with Maura Fay Workshops. His very flattering and sweet profile is here

And here's his lovely lovely lovely headshot, which has a "happy smiley Agent Brown" vibe to me:
headshot from Maura Fey

Mmmmmmmmm, I feel all warm and fuzzy. Happy Paulday, everyone! Again!
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