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Paul Goddard


Paul Goddard ...Periodically
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Welcome to Periodic Goddard, the Paul Goddard "Daily" Community, run by someone much too disorganized to commit to doing anything daily, weekly, or even monthly. :)

For those of you not familiar with a "daily" community, the idea is simple: obsessed fans gather here to post pictures of our object of lust admiration.

While it's usual for there to be a rule that every single post must contain a picture of the community's focus, I'm stretching that to include links to relevant articles, chat transcripts, and interviews, seeing as our poor Paul has no fandom community at all. :(

But try not to skimp on the eye candy too much. We're all quite shallow, really. ;)

Paul Who?

For those of you who wandered here by accident (perhaps due to the eclectic interests list? I did have fun there, sorry...) Paul Goddard is a British-Born Australian actor of phenomenal talent, gracious nature, wicked sense of humour, piercing blue eyes, toned arms, elegant fingers, shapely abs and nice bum. (We've got our priorities in order!)

Even if you've never heard of him, you've likely seen him in The Matrix (chasing Trinity across rooftops and administering "persuasion" to Morpheus as Agent Brown), Farscape (wearing a distinctive metal half-mask and acting manic as Stark), or Babe (extolling the virtues of Fax Machines as the Son-in-Law).

Yeah. That guy. We like him. A lot. He's pretty.


Pictures of any and all of Paul's characters are accepted: Banik, Agent, Gay youth, tight-arsed son-in-law - we're not picky! Pictures of Paul just being Paul are fantastic, too.

Icons, banners, wallpapers, and even fanart are all fine - just put anything larger than 500x500 pixels behind a cut, and f'lock anything too risqué.

Thank you!

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Paul Goddard is Groovy, Adorkable Love

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